About Us

We share your values

We're strong supporters of equality, social justice and the labour movement. Because of this, our clients are mainly unions and progressive organizations.

Our clients choose us for their website work because we know the sector well, we offer a highly personal service, and our bills aren’t bloated with high overhead.

Our team is talented and reliable

We’ve developed a network of associates who are experts in their specific fields; we’re able to match their skills and knowledge to your project which gets you expert level work at a reasonable cost.

We keep your data secure, in Canada

We take care to ensure that all of our contractors and associates are based in Canada. We keep all of our client data, including backups, in secure facilities in Canada. If it’s important to you, we can use facilities in BC.

Union Made

We’re a Canadian company based in East Vancouver and are proud members of Unifor local 2040.